Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump's Unraveling

It’s fascinating to watch Trump unravel. A rather limited authoritarian personality, “insecure, paranoid and brittle, jostling between egomania and narcissism, intoxicated with a power beyond his meager comprehension and indulging in it beyond the point of abuse” (Charles Blow, NY Times, 16 May 2017), he’s a rather stupid version of a dictator, who would be quite comfortable jailing and murdering his enemies in a non-democratic state with no embedded checks and balances. But he probably wouldn’t last long there either, because a cleverer, more brutal authoritarian would outsmart him and have him killed within his first year.

Our lame press and compromised Democratic party have still sufficiently risen to the occasion to denounce his howlers. He has no concept of the scrutiny he’s under, nor how careful he must be in language and action. He conducts his Presidential business as the mendacious businessman he’s always been, and he flops daily in his more exalted role. He can’t possibly last long, since he’ll become a deep embarrassment to the actual professionals who make up the Republican party, corrupt and hypocritical though they are. McCain has already turned against him.

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  1. Charles Blows article about Trump couldn't be more scathing and accurate. Trump is a miscarriage of democracy and hopefully will self destruct within the next year. Especially when his corrupt cronies start singing and his tax returns become public.
    Franc Palaia